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here's the situation. my b/f used to have a major thing for my best friend..then he got over her cause she didn't see him in the same light. He's with me now, and he says he doesn't like her like that anymore..but i still get the weird vibe from them..and my best friend is a natural flirt, i mean guys are helpless against her (and this observation is from years upon years of being bypassed for her and seeing millions of guys fall head over heels for her) he even told me there are some things you can never let go..and i dunno if that's a hint or what. I met him through her, and they've been friends awhile, but... he acted like he resented her, but yet he babies her and just kinda acts like he has one of those friends with romantic undercurrents relationships. I love my friend, but i have serious trust issues with her for a lot of reasons, and they'll flirt sometimes..i know she's naturally flirty but still. And he's a good guy, i know because while he was after her i got to know him as friends first and we became realllllllllly realllllllllly good friends. But now that we're bf/ gf he seems to be turning to her for the friendship we had. we still do, at least i think we do...
to sum it up.... HELP!
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