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Alright so im new to this group. Thought i should give my crush story. so ok i have a boyfriend, but i guess im quite the i wanna kiss boys all over (but i dont, i restrain. So yea i met this guy online one day, we got to talking and i went over to his house one day and hung out. So yea hes super cute and super cool, hes in a band and what not. So when they ahve shows im all over it and i see him and the last time i saw him he was all happy to see me and gave me a huge bear hug like 3 times! I was super excited, yea i dont talk to him much online any (doesn't sign on anymore) but through his shows ive talked to him, but its still goin strong. I HATE IT! I wish i could hang out with him more. Yea so yea.... id show you a picture but the band website is down DAMMMMMN them. ok
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